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Drinking Alcohol Is Directly Linked To This Dangerous Disease


Most people regard alcohol as a substance that should be approached with caution – and there’s a good reason for that.[9] Chronic alcohol use leads to a number of health concerns, including high blood pressure, depression and dementia. Check also: 8 Cancer- Causing Foods You Should Avoid Doctors have also suspected a link between drinking and cancer,[4] but the details ...

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6 Foods To Avoid If You Really Want A Flat Stomach

processed foods

Sometimes, a few simple tweaks are all it takes to give your diet a boost.[9] For example, there are foods that you can avoid to help you lose weight and minimize abdominal bloating,[5] which not only causes physical discomfort but is a barrier to getting the abs of your dreams. Whether it’s from bloat or you’re carrying those last extra five pounds around your ...

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