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Here’s how much the American President gets paid

Obama paid

Many of you may ask yourselves how much the president of the United states gets paid, infact its not much as you may think, the different is not so big from the America’s top earners like the Anesthesiologist who is reportedly earning approximately $246,320 annually. Check also: A woman to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 American bill The president ...

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Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni Takes Part In Presidential Debate

debate- newslex point

KAMPALA— Six Ugandan presidential candidates waited for several minutes after being introduced at Saturday evening’s debate before President Yoweri Museveni appeared belatedly on stage. Check also: Uganda Among The First African Countries To Build A Successful Commercial Solar Powered Cars Because Museveni has never participated in such a debate during his 30 years in office, the moment was historic. The ...

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Israel Is Reportedly Sending Away Unwanted African migrants


Israel has recieved a huge number of migrants and refugees, those who are fleeing from conflict areas in middle east and Africa, this around, it is reportedly sending away unwanted African migrants to other countries under secretive deals. Europe is also battling the issue and last year the EU proposed an ‘African trust fund’ to pay countries billions of dollars ...

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8 eye catchy bags from the New York fashion week


New York fashion week is one of the amiable and adorable fashion events with diverse fashion trends and brings up different designers together all over the world.[1] Also different fashion companies tend to portray there best design of their latest fashion in products like bags etc through their models that they dispatch on fashion stages .[9] Check also: You can ...

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