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Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Likens Fidel Castro To Jesus Christ

Lt. Gen Muhoozi; It Wouldn’t Take UPDF A Day To Discipline Guinea Coup Forces

The Commander of the Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has come out to liken the late Cuban president and revolutionary Fidel Castro to Jesus Christ. Muhoozi says that after the man born in Bethlehem, Fidel Castro is the most dangerous man to have walked the earth. This is because he united both black and white races in the struggle against ...

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Colombia’s Highest Court Legalises Abortion Up To 24 Weeks

Colombia’s Highest Court Legalises Abortion up to 24 Weeks

Columbia has become the latest country in Latin America to expand access to abortion. This happened on Monday as the nation’s Constitutional Court voted to legalize the procedure until the 24th week of pregnancy. The decision by the tribunal of nine judges fell short of the expectations of pro-choice groups that had been pushing for abortion to be completely decriminalized ...

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Cuba Produces Working Vaccine, Abdala, Competing With Top Most Vaccines

Cuba Produces Working Vaccine, Abdala,

Cuba has been striving to be self-reliant in regards to the Covid vaccine. This has apparently worked. They named it  Abdala after a poem by Jose Marti. In the poem, Abdala the young hero heads to war to defend his fatherland. Probably this is how they see the vaccine right now as well and they may be right. This vaccine ...

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