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Latest Ebola Outbreak In DR Congo Kills Over 500 People

ebola in Liberia -pandemic diseases

Over 500 Congolese people have died of Ebola in DR Congo. The vaccination program has helped to prevent thousands from dying, according to Mr Kalenga, the minister of health. Check also: 25 Deadliest Diseases In Human History So far, 502 have died and 271 people got healed,’’health minister said on Friday during the interview on the outbreak in the Eastern part ...

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New Ebola outbreak in Liberia Again

ebola outbreak

After the country had declared that it was free from ebola two months ago, it has again faced the disease back. This was confirmed when a teenager of 17 years old died on Sunday by the virus. The area was quarantined by health officials and the burial ceremonies of the teenager were smooth and safe but a new case is ...

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