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It’s Time To Know Where Our Relationship With The West Stands – Thomas Tayebwa

Thomas Tayebwa; Hon Ssemujju Is Just Missing The President

The deputy speaker of Parliament Hon Thomas Tayebwa has congratulated his fellow MPs and the Speaker of Parliament for eventually passing the Anti-Homosexuality bill. Tayebwa added that it’s now time to know where the relationship between Uganda and the West stands. He also said that Parliament acted in the interest of Ugandans. God will therefore reward them for standing firm ...

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Give Free Passports To All Homosexuals – Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita Blasted By Students At Uganda Christian University

Dancehall female singer Karole Kasita has come out with a piece of advice to the authorities on how to control the homosexuality surge that is becoming a menace to the Ugandan society. Karole advised that they give homosexuals free passports so they can exit. Apparently, she says they should go to countries where they are accepted. The Balance singer said ...

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Pastor Bugingo Calls Out Bobi Wine To Condenm Homosexuality Like President Museveni Did

House of Prayer Ministries International pastor Aloysious Bugingo has called out to National Unity Platform (NUP) president and musician Bobi Wine to Condemn homosexuality like President Museveni did. Homosexuality is something that African countries don’t allow due to culture and religion. However, people are deciding to engage in the act although they know it is illegal. For Uganda, President Museveni ...

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The Mayanja Brothers Are Targeting Donor Funds By Promoting LGBTQ – Bad Black

Bad Black Released On Police Bond Over Tarnishing Museveni

Socialite Bad Black and many other people are still expressing their opinions towards the Mayanja Brothers, Dr Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo over a kiss they recently shared on stage. Bad Black is among the many that has criticized the move. She said that these are targeting donor funds by promoting LGBTQ in Uganda. The self-styled Masolo queen is one ...

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It’s Only My Genitals That Are Male But I Feel Female – Former Pastor Claims

Pastor -It's Only My Genitals That Are Male But I Feel Female

A former pastor and gospel musician has come out to claim that he feels female despite his genitals being male. Former NBS journalist Daniel Lutaaya took to his Twitter page and dropped an excerpt from his upcoming explosive interview. This was conducted by Lutaaya on this wo(man) and it is already stirring emotions. “On Friday @DanielLutaaya interviews a Ugandan gospel ...

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