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When Wilson Lost His Job, This Is What Happened!

wilson wife: break up fever for fred

Jane watched as her husband Wilson tossed her baby up and down, it was such a beautiful sight to behold. Everything was perfect, he’s such a caring and loving husband, every woman’s dream. He bought her gifts after gifts on a daily basis. Check also: Akol The Street Child With A Big Dream He made sure she never lacked anything and ...

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A White Woman Who Was Caught Harassing 2 Black Women Lost Her Job

white woman

A white woman who was caught on camera berating two African-American women in a parking lot lost her job and has turned herself in to police in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, according to authorities. Check also: When Wilson Lost His Job, This Is What Happened! Susan Jane Westwood, 51, turned herself in on Saturday. She was served with an outstanding misdemeanor ...

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