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Shocking: Mowzey Radio’s Children, Siblings Now Dropped Out Of School

mowzey radio wins another award

On 1st February 2019 marked one year since the talented musician and a songwriter from Uganda, the late Ssekibogo Moses commonly known as Mowzey Radio left the earthly life. Check also: Weasel Vows Never To Quit Radio’s Music During his 1st anniversary, many of his fans including his fellow beloved musicians gathered to celebrate his life and paid their tributes, as ...

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Weasel Vows Never To Quit Mowzey Radio’s Music

Weasel Vows Never To Quit Mowzey Radio's Music

It was last week on Friday when the GoodLyfe CEO, Weasel Manizo organized a successful listener’s party for Radio’s 36th birthday together with his brother, Jose Chameleone. Check also: Weasel Manizo Files Cases To Police Over Radio’s Music However, on the same day, the “Mpa Love” singer, Weasel Manizo dropped off the late Radio’s album of songs he left behind ...

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Weasel Manizo Files Cases To Police Over Radio’s Music

Weasel Manizo Extends Cases To Police Over Radio's Music

The current CEO of Goodlyfe, Douglas Mayanja commonly known as Weasel Manizo has decided to forward the matter to Kibuli CID headquarters following Mowzey Radio’s songs. Check also: Weasel Manizo Celebrates Mowzey Radio’s Son’s Birthday Just immediately after the listener’s party that took place at Jose Chameleone’s DNA Rouge located in Kampala, all artistes headed to that place to honor ...

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Jose Chameleone Introduces Mowzey Radio’s Songs Listener’s Party

Jose Chameleone Introduces Mowzey Radio's Songs Listener's Party

Celebrated East Africa’s number one legendary singer, Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleone has hinted about hosting a listener’s party for the late Mowzey Radio’s album. Check also: Jose Chameleone And Mayanja Family Visit AK47’s Grave The late vocalist died in February 2018 after exchanging blows with one of the bouncers in a bar called Debar which is located ...

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