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Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali Is The Cleanest City In Africa

Kigali Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is often lauded as “Africa’s cleanest city”. [9]The country’s 2008 ban on non-biodegradable plastic is often mentioned as a cause. [3]Another is that on the last Saturday of every month, people across the country commit time to projects aimed at improving the country’s public spaces,[7] in a mandatory practice called Umuganda, loosely translated as “coming together to ...

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African Union Launches An All-Africa Passport

african passport

On June 13,[9] two weeks before the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the African Union announced a new “single African passport.” The lead-up discussion was much like the original debate on the European Economic Community,[2] the E.U.’s predecessor. African passport proponents say it will boost the continent’s socioeconomic development because it will reduce trade barriers and allow people, ideas, goods,[7] services ...

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