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Karole Kasita On How She Works With Married Men In Her Career

Karole Kasita Blasted By Students At Uganda Christian University

Songstress Karole Kasita has revealed that she works with married men when it comes to her music and other businesses. She said she has learned to set boundaries and be professional to avoid breaking people’s marriages and strong relationships. In Uganda, the music industry is dominated by men. A few ladies who try to take charge always find some challenging ...

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Jowy Landa Speaks About Joining The Music Industry By Mistake

Singer Jowy Landa Tells Why She's Single

Singer Jowy Landa has spoken about joining the music industry by mistake. She said she was involved with different musicians at a young age as a back up artiste and she found herself in studio recording her personal songs. Ms. Landa was introduced to the music industry in 2019 by then Fresh Kid’s manager known as Francis. She wasn’t given ...

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Henry Tigan Reveals Why The Music Industry Has Progressed

Henry Tigan Says Politics And Music Should Be Separated

Singer Henry Tigan has revealed why Ugandan music industry has continued to progress day by day. He said some people don’t see the progress but he who started singing in the 90s knows how the music industry was and the difference today. According to Tigan, social media has helped so much when it comes to the Ugandan music industry. He ...

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I’m Just Getting Started – Pia Pounds Reveals

Pia pounds reveals that men want to sleep with her

Singer Tracy Kirabo aka Pia Pounds has revealed that she’s just going to get started musically. It should be noted that the singer produced one hit and disappeared off the scene. Apparently, she was under Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent but later quit the label. After various trials, she landed her first musical banger with the song Tupaate. This was a ...

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Mike Mukula Says Government Has Done More For Ugandan Musicians

Mike Mukula Says Government Has Done More For Musicians

Veteran politician and money bags, Mike Mukula has revealed that the government has done more for the economic emancipation of the entertainment industry than any other government in East Africa. According to Mukula, President Museveni has been directly involved in promoting the welfare of the music industry. This is something that governments in the neighboring countries haven’t done. Besides, the ...

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