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Yoweri Museveni
President Museveni indicates as he speaks during a press conference at his home in Rwakitura, about 275 kilometres west of the capital Kampala, on Feb. 21, 2016.

There Is An Advantage In the 7 Year Term Limit Than 5 Year Term Limit-Museveni

On media reports attributed to him about the performance of leaders above the age of 75, President Museveni said politics is about ideology and service and not sport where one needed to compete physically.

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On the proposal to increase the years of term of office from five to seven years, the President said the leaders in Africa have much more to do and need adequate time to develop the continent and saw no harm in having longer terms.

If the seven term limit is also seen through this means that Museveni will end his regime in 2023 instead of 2021 which will probably cause more panic within the country

Museveni said :

“For these countries with all these problems, two terms of five years is just a joke. Those who talk about this, are just looking at improving their CVs. We might not discuss it now but there is merit at looking at the seven years. It would give some time to these young countries to develop. France has seven-year terms, I do not see what they have lost,”.

The President also dismissed the notion that the amendment was tailored to benefit him, pointing out that removal of the 35-year minimum for Presidential candidates, would instead give room to more young people who had been locked out to have a chance to run for the Presidency.

The MPs, through Hon. Robinah Rwakoojo, the Committee’s Deputy Chairperson, thanked President Museveni for according them audience, and indicated they would do a good job writing a report that captures all views picked from those they interfaced with.

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