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parliament: oulanyah warns minister
Jacob Oulanyah

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah Warns Minister Who Miss Parliament Session

Jacob Oulanyah yesterday came out to warn ministers that continuously dodge parliamentary sessions in Parliament.

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Oulanyah reacted when the government chief whip was the one replying to the representative queries that were supposed to be answered by ministers.

Ruth Nankabirwa there and then she was ordered by Jacob to stop answering them.

Jacob revealed that ministers dodging parliament freezes the activities within the house.

According to reports, 10 out of 70 ministers attend sessions in the house typically which Jacob claims that it paralyzes the house’s activities.

Oulanyah emphasized that the daily absenteeism of ministers has undermined the activities of the August House.

Even the Gov’t chief whip Ruth revealed that she was feed up of answering queries for ministers.

She said: “They should be in the House to explain what is going on in their respective ministries.”

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