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indonesia plane crash
The crashed Hercules C-130 plane in Indonesia

Military transport plane crashes in Medan Indonesia

Officials in Indonesia say that 122 people on the Hercules C-130 plane did not survive after the transport plane crashed in the residential area of Medan on Tuesday.

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19 people are believed to have been killed on the ground which has resulted into a total of 141 bodies, The bodies were taken to Adam Malik hospital in Medan thats where their relatives and the family members are to find them.

The cause of the crash is not yet unveiled but witnesses say that the plane had problems from the time it took off from Medan Indonesia third largest  city and Agus Supriatna  the head of Air force said that the plane was requested to return to the airport after they found out that it had some technicalities within.

So it crashed as it tried to return to the airport in Medan, Indonesia

President Joko Widodo sent his condolences to the affected families of this lugubrious moment.

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