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bobi says museveni should retire
Honorable Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi

The Uganda Police Force Is Not Doing Its Role -Honorable Kyagulanyi

The prestigious honorable Robert kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine was giving his view over the recent murder of susan magara.

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Susan Magara was kidnapped when she going inside her home at Lungujja. Even though ransom was asked from her family, she was left murdered and dumped at the southern by pass.

Honorable kyagulanyi said: “Police have listened to the dialogue between the late Magara’s family and the kidnappers and have acted nothing to it. This portrays that the Uganda police force has neglected its roles. Murder crimes can’t be happening and yet police just remains silent claiming they’re to investigate.”

The Honorable also doesn’t agree with the force over the Shs 100 M bounty that it’s giving to anyone who can identify the voice of the suspected murderers. He claimed that the police would have used that money to rescue Susan from the kidnappers when she was still alive.

Bobi wine also questioned why the force is coming out to giving out 100 M to however identify Magara’s killers and yet the people that lost their loved ones in these mysterious killings like the 21 women who were murdered in wakiso last year were not compensated.

“President Museveni should always fulfill his promises like his promise of cctv camera installation around kampala city and he should do more.. Than just mere responding to such situations, Kyagulanyi said.”

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