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obore says politics is not a holy game

Politics Is Never A Holy Game. Priests Should Know That-Says Chris Obore

The Director of communications at parliament Chris Obore has come out to have his say at the allegation of Govt spying on church Leaders.

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It was revealed by Archbishop Lwanga last week that the church is being spied on by the government.

Some mps didn’t like the allegation of spying on church leaders therefore they are trying to put an investigation on the allegations.

In a fews months, president Museveni came out and said that religious leaders should leave politics alone and handle other important things.

However, the Mukono Mp betty nambooze claimed that it’s the church leaders right to talk about every situation.

Back to punch line, Obore said that he doesn’t know of any holy state. Therefore the state should fight to remain in power and the church should fight to maintain holiness.

 Obore said: “The religious leaders Think politics is a holy game which is never true. Politics is unholy.”

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