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Besigye congratulates Raila Upon His Swearing In As Kenya’s People’s President

besigye congragulates raila

Despite of the fact that Kenya’s opposition leader raila odinga sworn in illegally as Keyan’s president, Besigye wished him the best. Check also: If Raila Odinga Wins The Elections He Will Be Removed – President Uhuru Kenyatta Besigye said: No one can doubt that these people have their president- People’s President!”. He continued and said: “A result of election results that ...

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Museveni Is To Replace Boda Boda 2010 With A New Gang -Besigye Reveals

Besigye says museveni is to replace boda boda 2010

Opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye  has said the disbandment of Boda Boda 2010 should not excite Ugandans because President Museveni will create another para military group. Check also: The Boda Boda 2010 Boss Kitatta In Custody-Army Reveals Besigye said the arrest of the group members is just a tactical move by the regime to catch its breath. members of the group ...

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Brian White’s Bodyguard Was Kizza Besigye’s Tormentor

brian white's bodyguard and besigye

The security operative who tormented Dr Kizza Besigye during the course of the year happens to be the one who acted at some point as chief body guard to socialite,  Brian White. Check also: Besigye Can Still Stand For Presidency Even When He Turns 90 If The Age Limit Clause Is Amended- Muhwezi Says According to photos, the unidentified security operative ...

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Time For Change Is Now- Besigye

besigye urges ugandans that time for change is now

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Monday in Igara East constituency in Bushenyi district canvassing support for the FDC candidate, Christine Bekunika Ninsiima. Check also: Museveni Is Over Staying In Power Because He Wants To Control His Wealth- Besigye She is contesting as MP for Igara East against NRM’s Andrew Martial and a string of independent candidates. Besigye rallied people ...

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Besigye And Museveni Are The Same- Retired Supreme Court Justice Kanyeihamba Says

Prof. George Kanyeihamba says muveni and besigye are the same

The political climate is on alarm following the concluded FDC Party presidential elections.  Retired Supreme Court Justice Prof. George Kanyeihamba thinks victory of Hon. Patrick Amutriat has added another stone on the falling strength of the opposition. Check also: Besigye Can Still Stand For Presidency Even When He Turns 90 If The Age Limit Clause Is Amended- Muhwezi Says “Amuriat’s victory ...

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