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Immediate Action Should Be Taken To Stop The Killing Of Black People- Kevin Hart

kevin hart troubled over george floyd's death

The American stand-up comedian and a movie actor Kevin Hart expresses sadness over how his fellow back people are being treated in USA specifically by police officers and since Kevin is a responsible father, he’s worried about how the upcoming black generation including his children will be treated. Check also: Rihanna Cries Over George Floyd’s Death Therefore as a father, Kevin ...

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Rihanna Cries Over George Floyd’s Death

Rihanna comdenms the deatg of George Floyd

The whole World is still in sadness over the increasing murder of the black people by police officers in United States of America. The American singer Rihanna also expressed sadness after watching a shocking video of how George Floyd was killed. Check also: Bobi Wine Expresses Anger And Grieve On The Murder Of George Floyd Just a few days ago, George ...

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Always Filter Whatever You Post On Social Media – Dorothy Shonga

Dorothy Shonga -Always Filter Whatever You Post On Social Media

Many people on social media tend to think they know everything about someone depending on what is posted, but Dorothy Shonga disproved them with a photo she posted, showing just a quarter of her past and another in her usual outfit. In her statement, she posted while alerting people not to take people’s advises via social media. Dorothy claims she ...

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Government Should Compensate Artistes – Omulangira Suuna

Omulangira Suuna asks government to Compensate Artistes

The legendary singer Omulangira Suuna requests the government to help musicians, comedians, drama actors and others because they are struggling with debts. Omulangira Suuna ‘s cry out goes through fellow singers Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira who are closely able to reach President Yoweri Museveni. His asks the government to compensate them like how other countries are trying to do ...

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Namulondo Evelyn Talks About How She Became Rema’s Best Friend

Namulondo Evelyn Talks About How She Became Rema's Best Friend

Rema Namakula and Namulondo Evelyn are said to have been tight friends for years and it’s self-explanatory why social media in-laws don’t ask about why she spends almost 80% of her time with the singer. Many termed her ‘Rema’s handbag. During the recent interview with Luzze Anderson via his YouTube channel, Namulondo Evelyn explained and highlighted that she’s Rema Namakula’s ...

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