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Kataleya And Kandle Open Up About Their Dating Life

Kataleya And Kandle Address Their Indecent Dressing Code

Upcoming female singing duo Kataleya and Kandle have opened up about their dating life as celebrities. They said they fear being in relationships right now because different men come with different intentions. The singers said they are now focused on their career and don’t want anything to distract them. Their musical aim is global. The duo joined the music industry ...

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King Saha Outraged By Pending Ban On Miraa

King Saha Tells Fans To Stop The Phone Calls Asking Him For Money

Singer King Saha has expressed his fury over the pending ban on the local herb miraa, commonly known as Mairungi. The singer through a TV interview was clearly outraged. He stated that he’s ready to fight for the herb not to be banned because it’s a source of livelihood for many Ugandans. The singer added that miraa is not a ...

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Chosen Becky Praises Boyfriend, Reveals Why She Will Have Many Kids

Chosen Becky Reveals What Should Be Written On Her Gravestone

Singer Chosen Becky real name Kwikiriza Rebecca has come out on social media to praise her boyfriend and baby daddy social media blogger Dictator Amir. She said his love for children keeps pushing her to continue giving birth to more children. The two have two children together, a three-year-old and a one-month-old baby boy. However, they also have another son ...

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I Sold My Valuables At Low Price To Obtain Drugs – Jackie Chandiru Narrates

Jackie Chandiru Regrets The 7 Years She Wasted Doing Drugs

Singer Jackie Chandiru has narrated how far she went to just obtain drugs by the time she got addicted. The singer struggled with drug addiction for some years. It detororiated in 2019 when she wasn’t working any more and was hopping from bar to bar to buy the drugs. Her health was so bad as the body was full of ...

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Grenade Dares La Terreza Bar To Release Footage Of Him Beating Rickman

Sheilah Gashumba Narrates Cause Of Fight Between Rickman And Grenade

Singer Grenade Official has come out to dare city popular hangout spot, La Terreza bar to release footage of his violent and physical altercation with fellow singer Rickman. A few days ago, Rickman and Sheilah Gashumba alleged that Grenade had attacked them. This ended up with Rickman sustaining a lip injury. Both camps have been involved in a back-and-forth marathon ...

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