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Ugandan President Surprisingly Gave 10 Cows To Engaged Couple, Advises Young People to Marry

museveni & cows

One loved-up Ugandan couple had a rather eminent guest over the weekend.[9] President Yoweri Museveni came out to support the happy couple, [4]Annet Twebaze and Bright Kamuhanda, with the gift of 10 cows at the former’s giveaway ceremony, a precursor to marriage. Check also: 11 Silly Things ALL Married Couples Fights Over And the president spared no expense with his ...

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10 American Foods That Are Not Accepted in Other Countries

American foods

The fact that some of the foods sold and served in America are banned in other countries shouldn’t come as much of a shock. [9]With the amount of artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives in foods sitting on grocery store shelves and in fast food restaurants, the list of toxic foods to stay away from is growing by the day.[4] If ...

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7 Things Girls With Beautiful Hair ‘Never Do’

beautiful hair

All girls dream of long and healthy locks and would even be willing to spend alot of money for it.[9] But first, you need to treat it healthy. [3]There are some things that women with beautiful hair just don’t do. Take a leaf out of their book to help treat your strands right and get closer to the lush mane ...

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10 Problems Even The Happiest Couples Always Face

happy couples

Sometimes, having fights and arguments in your relationship may make you feel like things aren’t really working out.[9] Because that’s not how couples in love are supposed to be, are they? Well, if you too have felt like this, then you should know that even the happiest of couples face these petty problems.[5] They just find a good way to ...

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8 Relationship Problems All Girls Face– Here’s The Solution

relationship problems

When a person enters into a relationship,[4] they expect it to be sunshine and butterflies, all day, every day. But it doesn’t really turn out to be just that. [9]They say that life is really simple and we tend to over-complicate things beyond measure. The same is the case with a relationship. Check also: 7 Signs That He Might Be ...

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