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Uganda named 10th top tourist destination in the world

tourist in Uganda

Being a pearl of Africa is not just a name, but its also among the top ten tourist destinations in Africa, the  title that was given to Uganda for its beautiful sceneries and maintaining the attractive scenery is such a hard task to do but a big applause is needed for the Uganda Tourism Board for over the 15 years ...

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Uganda Named Among The Top 5 Beautiful Countries In Africa

beautiful uganda

Uganda is simply known as “The Pearl of Africa”, it is located within the East African region, it is the starting point of one of the most amazing and longest rivers in the world known as river Nile. This makes it to be one of the beautiful countries. Check also: Ugandans Among The Happiest People Worldwide , According To Survey ...

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Sponsored 13 Amazing Facts About A Giraffe


A Giraffe is the world’s tallest animal, they are normally found on the African continent, if you would like to know more about Giraffes, look at the amazing facts below. These are the 13 facts about a Giraffe, according to Bright Future Tours Uganda (1) Giraffes are the world’s tallest mammals and they are originally found only in Africa. (2) ...

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