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11 Members Of Watoto Church Choir Hit By Coronavirus Pandemic

watoto-church choir members

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during  yesterday’s nation address announced 11 more cases of coronavirus of which these victims are Watoto church choir members. The eleven victims were among the 176 samples being tested on Tuesday by ministry of health in Uganda, this brought the total number of coronavirus cases to 44. “Out of the 176 people tested, ...

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Irresponsible Politicians Who Distribute Food, Money Will Be Charged With Attempted Murder – Museveni

government through president Museveni Orders Those Sneezing Should To Keep Away From Public bse corona virus

On 3oth March 2020, the president of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressed the nation once again and this time around he first of all mentioned all the initial measures which included suspending of schools and institutions. He came up with new stringent measures which includes arresting irresponsible politicians who are using this epidemic period to freely distribute food ...

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Government Announces More Stringent Measures For The Next 14 Days

government through president Museveni Orders Those Sneezing Should To Keep Away From Public bse corona virus

Yesterday, 30th of March as directed by the government, 82 samples of returnees from outside who have been under quarantine were tested for Covid-19 and all of them were negative. This means that Uganda still has only 33 people who are confirmed positive, 31 Ugandans and 2 Chinese. Meanwhile, all the infected people are stable under treatment and they seem ...

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African Union Finally Sets Guidelines To Fight Corona Virus In Africa

African union to fight covid-19 in Africa

The African Centre for Disease Control together with the African Union have finally confirmed several strategies to weaken the spread of the deadly Corona virus, that has destroyed more than 33, 997 and infected a total number of 723,434 by 30th of March this year in the Whole World. In Africa 134 were the confirmed dead and 4,282 confirmed across ...

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Ruparelia Group Gives Corona Virus Relief

Ruparelia group

Ruparelia Foundation in conjunction with Cedric Babu aspiring MP for Kampala Central held  a tour of Kampala’s central parishes  Kamwokya, Mengo, Kagugube, Bukesa, Nakivubo, Shauriyako, Industrial Area, Kisenyi and Old Kampala  to give out care package from Ruparelia Foundation to the needy groups during the Coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of the tour is not only to show love and support ...

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