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My Father Died Of Blood Cancer, It Was A Painful Moment!

sylvia and father

Am by the names of Patricia, a graduate of Makerere University in Uganda. I was born in a family of 4 children, three boys and I was the only girl. For a very long time my parents were not in good terms and therefore ended up separating when we were still very young. My mother left and took my young ...

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Insecurity Can Be The End Of A Relationship!

Insecurity Can Be The End Of A Relationship

Well, insecurity can be categorized as luck of trust in a relationship, there are two kinds of insecurity, and one them is putting much pressure on each other. This most times makes a relationship fall apart. Check also: Are You In A Long Distance Relationship? 4 Things You Should Consider Insecurity that is self-inflicted, is when your lover one-sided, feels that ...

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Meet Jimmy The Unlucky Chap


“But you have a wife Jimmy, why do you keep chasing away every guy that asks me out. You don’t want me to have my own husband and possibly enjoy my relationship like you are enjoying yours” Amoding said. Check also: Johnny’s  SARCASTIC Family Jimmy looked at her for a while, took a deep breath “Look Amoding, you see all these ...

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