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Google’s Self-Driving Cars To Te Tested On Public Roads This Summer


Google is taking its self-driving car plan on another level after making announcements that it will start testing its self-driving cars on public roads especially in mountain view this summer.[1] Check also: Google Employs John Krafcik as The CEO of Its Self-Driving Car Project The self-driving cars will be tuned to travel a speed of 25 miles per hour maximum ...

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Facebook Announced The Internet.org Platform To developers


Facebook has finally decided to open up its Internet.org platform to developers which is part of a prominent initiative to connect four billion people to access internet. Check also: Google to Give Training to 1 Million Africans to Boost Jobs Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement in a video on Monday that the company is opening up its platform to ...

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Apple confirmed tattoos can obstruct Apple watch’s heart rate sensor


Apple has finally confirmed that its device has issues when put on by someone with wrist tattoos, Check also: This Is How Much Apple Will Pay You To Recycle Your Old iPhone therefore rumor turns out to be true. Wrist tattoos can obstruct the device’s heart rate sensor, you should believe what the company came up with after this wonderful ...

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Microsoft explorer has officially changed to microsoft Edge

Microsoft explorer

Microsoft corporation’s new browser will now be called Microsoft Edge, they announced recently that the successor was coming and this simply means that Microsoft explorer is dead. Check also: The highlights of MS windows 10 We never knew what the official name was, beyond the “Project Spartan” browser. Now it’s officially announced at the company’s conference that Microsoft’s new browser ...

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Apple Has $194 Billion In Cash Now


Apple is the word’s most valuable tech company with a new cash sum of $194 billion.That simply means that if you total up its cash with long term marketable securities and short-term marketable securities, this totals up to $194 billion. Check also: Apple watch is the best smartwatch on the market. This phone giant is richer than any other company ...

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