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Popularity Quickly Rising for Smell Proof Mylar Bags

Smell proof packaging has been a priority for some food companies for a long time, but lately it has been gaining traction faster than ever before. This is due in part to the rising number of small-scale food preparation operations that have been a trend for entrepreneurs for a few years, but it’s also due to major changes in the marketplace for consumer goods like tobacco and cannabis. Unlike tobacco and nicotine products, many cannabis products are not processed before sale. As a result, they retain the pungent odor of the plant in ways that cigarettes and chewing tobacco do not mirror. That has led to many cannabis operations adopting mylar bags when they need custom stand up pouches for their product.

The Long History of Smell-Proof Packaging

While the legal cannabis industry is driving a lot of demand for mylar pouches that seal against the elements and keep smell inside, those pouches are just one stage in a long history of packaging designs that keep food odor contained. Many brands still use those older methods, too. From plastic packaging that keeps an airtight seal until it’s ripped open to insulated, air-filled bags inside a box to keep snacks protected, packaging that reduces or eliminates scent is a practical necessity for many types of convenience food. Not every attempt at creating packaging that contains scent works equally well, though. You can tell that by taking a whiff of your favorite flavored crackers before opening them. Often, the scent of the food is faint but still detectable at close range.

What makes smell-proof mylar bags especially innovative is the way they combine features that previously existed as trade-offs for most packaged food and other consumer goods. The are resealable, with seals that provide superior scent locking compared to many other choices for the feature. They’re also thick enough to provide some protection against puncturing, capable of working at room temperature or as types of frozen food packaging, and getting them made from recycled materials is just a matter of research. As such, they allow customers to use the same package for all their storage needs until the product is consumed.

Demonstrated Freshness Control

Smell-proof packaging isn’t just a matter of practicality for companies like cannabis producers or a matter of convenience for snack goods manufacturers. It’s also a way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to high quality, fresh consumables. Think about it. If scent can escape the packaging, that means it is permeable that you can’t be sure it’s completely safeguarding against moisture, mold, or other contaminants. When it’s tough enough to keep even the scent of your product contained until it is opened up, that shows the consumer the protective barrier in your packaging is secure against practically any leaks.

Redesign Your Customer Experience

Today’s mylar bag manufacturers have options for custom printed designs that let you take your branding further, providing a packaging experience that makes your product recognizable while also keeping it fresh for consumption. It doesn’t matter if you’re making frozen dinners, snacks for busy days on the go, or recreational and medicinal products for adult use, practically every industry that produces ready-to-consumer goods for the public could benefit from upgrading their packaging game.

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