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Lawyers Vow To Provide Legal Service

Lawyers Vow To Provide Legal Service

Lawyers under their umbrella Uganda law society have vowed to continue with work especially providing legal service to the aggrieved during this lock down. The lawyers reasoned that legal services are among the essentials products to society despite lock down due to Corona virus pandemic.”we as the learned friends we shall continue to work so that our clients on dire ...

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Abid Alam Donates 200 Tones To Ministry Of Health

abid alam donates tones

City tycoon Abid Alam has donated 200 tones of sugar to ministry of health as part of the company support to the Corona virus out break on Uganda. The donation worth 660 million will be distributed to health facilities and health workers managing convid patients at entebbe grade b, Mulago hospital and other regional referral hospitals. Kaliro sugar is subsidiary ...

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London Based Ugandan Nurse Who Survived Deadly Coronavirus Narrates Story

Ugandan nurse un UK narrates coronavirus-

A United Kingdom based Ugandan nurse who recently got infected with Coronavirus and later survived has strongly advised fellow Ugandans against overwhelming fear or panicking. She however advised Ugandans to keep seeking for information about the deadly coronavirus which has so far killed over 40,000 people around the world and infected over 800,000 others. Narrating her two weeks experience over ...

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Work From Home This COVID-19: Practical Operations Tips for Businesses

work from home during COVID-19

Businesses today find themselves in a tricky situation given the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments have quarantined most cities around the world, and for good reason – as the virus has yet to be fully studied and we’re still developing effective measures to curb and stop its spread. Unfortunately, this also meant disrupting a lot of the things we do everyday – ...

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COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Footballers Scrambling To Find A Way Home

Ronaldo to make cars called 7egend - covid - 19

COVID-19 continues to put much of the sports world on hiatus. Despite the fewer options, online sports betting platforms have managed to find waging opportunities for handicappers all over the world – even when some of the world’s best athletes are in quarantine. Football associations in various countries around the world have postponed league play, leaving some of the world’s ...

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