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laptop: How I'm Saving for a New laptop

How I’m Saving for a New Laptop

This year, I’m saving money in every way possible to buy a new laptop for my daughter since her old one stopped working.

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I have some big financial goals that I’m working toward this year, such as a new car and a vacation. Despite all my attempts at cutting back on expenses, I have to buy my daughter a new laptop. So this is how I am saving money and these tips will help you a lot if you want to save money for a new laptop.

Stop paying for unnecessary features:

Every person wants to have the best laptop. The funny point is that they actually don’t know whether they need features which these powerful laptops are offering or not. If you want to buy a laptop for web browsing, emailing and word processing, i7 processor would not give you any extra benefit than i3 processor. Both processor will give you the same performance. Comparatively, i3 would give you a bit better battery backup. So, spending more on processor in this case, does not make any sense. You can save a lot by selecting laptop with i3 processor. If you are a graphic designer or want to buy a laptop for graphics, you should focus on laptops with powerful graphics card. If you are looking for best programming laptop, you should focus on laptops with more RAM and CPU power.

Since my daughter is not a programmer and she will not use the laptop for programming, I would not consider powerful laptop for her. I’ve been doing a little market research and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best, most cost effective laptop is going to be one that can handle all her downloading and movie streaming. A cheap Netbook can handle it very well. Otherwise, as is the case now, she’ll be using mine all the time. I checked out different products and reviews, and found a few decently priced laptops. The one I decided on isn’t from a brand I’m familiar with.

Deciding on the best laptop purchase

I’ve decided to go with a Netbook.I found one and It’s got a cute design on it, and it’s available for less than $300 if we don’t get the DVD drive upgrade. It’ll only cost an additional $35.00 if we do add that extra. The package deal comes with a cooling mat, a designer mouse and a carrying case that’s available in your choice of 9 different colors. From the reviews, it appeared that customers tend to be happy with this product.


Saving up for the new Netbook

Though I’ve already thinned my budget recently, there a few places where I can still cut out more non-essentials. If we buy any clothes during the first quarter of 2017, they’ll most likely be coming from Goodwill. We’ll be switching to store brands across the board temporarily when we go grocery shopping. I’ll be giving my daughter more jobs around the house to earn money, which will free up more of my spare time so that I can write more often. We’ll also be more diligent in our recycling efforts–over time, these things add up. Combining different earning and saving strategies means it shouldn’t take long to save up for this purchase.

In order to still meet my other financial goals, I’m temporarily going to have to make some new budget cuts. Though it results in a few more sacrifices, having a computer has moved beyond being a luxury for teenagers these days. I know she’ll be using it for Facebook and music downloads, but I’ll keep telling myself that she really does need it for school-related research projects. Occasionally, that holds true.

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