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Bad Black Hits At Kenzo With Comparisons Of Rema’s Birthday Photos With Him And Hamza In Photos

Bad Black Hits At Kenzo With Comparisons Of Rema's Birthday Photos With Him And Hamza In Photos

Controversial city socialite, Bad Black is at it again on Twitter. After the celebration of Rema’s Birthday, on Saturday, Bad black decided to draw comparisons between now and then. She uploaded photos of how Rema used to celebrate her birthday with Kenzo and now with Dr Hamza. Obviously, the striking difference in the celebration was attention-grabbing and had everyone talking. ...

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I Will Wait Until Hamza Permits Me To Meet My Daughter – Eddy Kenzo

eddy kenzo sick and nakiwala kiyinji to help him

A few days ago, Rema Namakula mentioned that her ex baby daddy Eddirisa Musuuza known as Eddy Kenzo will be free to meet his daughter Aamaal Musuuza only if her official husband, Dr Hamza Ssebunya gives him a green light. According to what Rema explained, she confidently uttered out that Eddy Kenzo is a stranger at this point in time ...

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There Is No Ugly Woman On Earth – Rema Says

Rema Namakula Hints About Concert To Reduce Tears Over Debts

Celebrated female musician and Hamza Ssebunya’s official wife Rema Namakula yesterday zipped mens’ lips who believe that some women are ugly. She claimed that every woman on earth is good. While adding on her statement, Rema also said that men should always find ways of making their wives happy through care and that is when they will become very beautiful. ...

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Rema And Hamza’s Wedding Reportedly Won’t Take Place

Faridah Ndausi: Rema And Hamza's Wedding Reportedly Won't Happen

Celebrated female songstress Rema Namakula recently completed her official Introduction ceremony with new lover Hamza Ssebunya and it costed them over Shs600 million, according to close sources. Check also: Hamza And Rema Will Break Up In 2020 – Bad Black Prophesies Through trusted sources, Rema and Dr. Hamza’s Kwanjula ceremony was reportedly funded by the city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, and ...

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Hamza And Rema Will Break Up In 2020 – Bad Black Prophesies

Bad Black Claims Hamza Will Dump Rema Next Year

Faded Ugandan socialite Shanita Namuyimba popularly known as Bad Black is well-known for airing out issues in an aimless manner, but this time around, she threw the ball towards Rema Namakula and her new fiancee, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. Check also: Eddy Kenzo Writes And Shares His Heartfelt Letter Regarding His Former Relationship With Rema Several months ago, the ‘Sili Muyembe‘ ...

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