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Ugandans Should Get Used To Social Media Tax – Museveni

Museveni Hails CMI For Bursting Kirumira Murders

When president Museveni announced a reduction on Mobile Money transaction tax, he insisted that government won’t be able to revoke tax imposed on social media users in Uganda. Check also: What Made Stella Nyanzi To Collapse At The Police Station Since 2nd July 2018, Ugandans have been fuming over the newly introduced two hundred shillings tax for social media users in ...

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Communication Companies Will Block VPN Applications- Mutabazi

VPN applications

The Executive director of Uganda communications commission, Mr Godfrey Mutabazi noted that the communication companies will definitely block all the Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) apps which are helping Ugandan citizens to elude tax for social media, according to Dispatch. Check also: Check How To Pay Social Media Tax That Is To Start Soon The social media tax of shillings ...

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Ugandans Won’t Stop Gossiping Because Of Social Media Tax

URA to intro social media tax

Social media users in Uganda keep saying that the social media tax was introduced as a way  to widen the tax base, some people claim that it would be a double taxation because even the internet or data bundles we buy is already taxed. Check also: MPS Approve Taxes On Social Media Platforms Some experts say that various alternatives to enlarge ...

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MPS Approve Taxes On Social Media Platforms

Mps approve social media tax

MPS approved the opposed taxes on mobile money and social media platforms especially facebook & whatsapp. Check also: Museveni Is Taxing Social Media Fearing It Will Lead To His Down Fall-Segona This new social media tax will see social media users pay shs200 daily hence each one will be Shs 7300 annually. And the mobile money will be taxed 1% over ...

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