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Alshabaab Introduces New School Curriculum In Both Primary And Secondary School

school new curriculum

Alshabaab militant group on Sunday introduced a new curriculum for primary and secondary schools in places under their control. The launching ceremony attended by Alshabaab’s spokesperson Ali Dheere took place in Saakow Middle Juba. Check also: Thousands Die Of Famine In Somalia, According To U.N The group says the new curriculum intends to replace foreign elements in it mostly used across Somalia. ...

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Mogadishu: How Al-Qaida Leader In East African Was killed

Mogadishu killed Al-Qaida Leader

Mogadishu. Under pressure from NATO forces in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda elements had taken advantage of the chaos in Somalia to set up havens and form new alliances. Check Also: Nasser al- Wuhaishi Yemeni al-Qaeda leader confirmed dead in US strike The situational analysis of their presence in the Horn of Africa was alarming. It was understood that the wastelands of Somalia’s lawless ...

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Uganda To Pull Troops Out Of Somalia By The End Of 2017

troops in somalia

KAMPALA – Uganda plans to withdraw its troops from Somalia by December 2017,[9] signalling it is scaling back regional military interventions after it said it planned a similar pullback from Central African Republic.[3] Check also: Uganda: 30 People Held Over Coup Plot Against Kaguta Museveni President Yoweri Museveni has intervened in several regional security hotspots, [1]deploying troops to help quell ...

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