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Why More And More Parents Are Choosing European Baby Formulas

Why More And More Parents Are Choosing European Baby Formulas

The best childcare is the only thing that worries parents because children deserve it. It is not enough to give birth to a baby. Parents need to think of vaccination, proper clothing, topicals, vitamins, and, of course, healthy nutrition. Breast milk is undoubtedly the best meal for a newborn, but not all parents can breastfeed. In this case, caregivers have to think about a proper alternative to breast milk among the available baby formulas.

Today, more and more parents prefer HiPP, Holle, or Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk Formula at European stores. What makes EU organic formulas unique? What advantages do babies experience when dealing with exclusive organic formula feeding? Let’s figure it out. 

What Baby Formulas Can You Find in the Baby Food Market?

Traditionally, there are two types of baby formula – organic and non-organic. Both types are regarded as safe and nutritious for kids. For example, non-organic formulas are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so their composition is favorable for babies. Is that really so? 

Unfortunately, the American market offers too many products with high amounts of sugar, salt, and unfavorable substances. People usually find them in the child’s section at stores, so many parents usually never doubt their quality. However, they should, especially in the case of baby formulas. What is the difference between conventional and organic baby formulas?

Things to compare Conventional Organic
Sugar, honey, taste enhancers, and other sweeteners Most of them are sweet because of the added sugar or its alternative. Parents usually taste formulas before giving them to a baby, so brands make them tasty to influence a parent’s choice. Such formulas don’t contain sweeteners because organic food makers want to develop healthy eating habits in babies from their first days of life. Besides, sugar causes many diseases, making foods harmful even for adults.
GMOs Baby food companies use genetically modified plants and vegetables to create their formulas. Organic brands never use GMOs to make formulas. They can modify cells, so it is better not to choose GMO-based goods as the first baby meals.
Stabilizers and sweeteners Such brands use non-organic starch and artificial stabilizers to make foods more satisfying and help babies stay full longer. Such brands never use harmful ingredients to make milk thicker. Instead, they use natural stabilizers to guarantee satiety and provide the anti-reflux effect.
Antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides Companies use chemicals to kill harmful insects in the grass, plants, and vegetables. Moreover, they can treat animals with anti-parasite drugs and antibiotics to kill infections and parasites.  Companies never spray grass, vegetables, and plants with chemicals. They process them safely to produce healthy cereal, oils for baby formulas, energy bars, and other organic goods. Besides, they never milk sick animals and those who have recently undergone treatment. Farmers wait till the milk becomes 100% safe.

To sum up, organic baby formulas exclude ingredients that can hurt a baby. The common feature between these two formulas is their nutritional value. Both formulas have everything a baby needs to thrive.

Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Buy European Baby Formulas

According to the latest research, more and more parents order European baby formulas online to supply their babies with the required nutrients safely. Why do they consider organic baby formulas as a better source of nutrients compared to American formulas?

  1. Organic baby formula causes fewer cases of obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes in babies

Most American brands add sugar, honey, or other sweeteners to make formulas tastier. Breast milk is sweet, so traditional companies add different taste enhancers to create a product that resembles the safest infant meal. Sugar belongs to fast carbs that provoke diabetes, tooth decay, and obesity in infants and toddlers. 

Organic baby formulas have lactose as the main source of healthy carbs. However, lactose is more expensive than traditional sugar or corn syrup. That is why conventional formulas are cheaper. They replace healthy lactose carbs with sugar, corn syrup, honey, or maple syrup. 

The EFSA controls EU organic brands and demands that companies use lactose as the primary source of healthy carbs. More than 30% of carbs must be derived from lactose, and companies never use the following sources of carbs:

  • carrageenan
  • fructose
  • sucrose
  • corn syrup
  • rice syrup
  1. Organic formulas are good for healthy gut flora

Babies are vulnerable, and their microflora is often not prepared for bacteria that come from the outer world. As a result, infants suffer from colitis, indigestion, and other health problems. That is why many European brands add probiotics and prebiotics to organic formulas to help babies digest formulas without adverse effects. 

Even though many American companies try to make their baby formulas natural, almost nobody adds healthy bacteria to their formulas.

  1. Organic = zero chemicals and genetically modified organisms

Organic baby formulas are safer than conventional formulas because they exclude substances that can hurt an infant. The most dangerous ingredients for newborns are:

  • nitrates
  • pesticides
  • antibiotics
  • hormones
  • herbicides
  • antiparasitic drugs
  • genetically modified organisms

First, organic farming doesn’t deal with harmful chemicals an average farmer uses to spray fields where grass, vegetables, fruit, and plants grow. Cows and goats eat fresh grass or hay that has never been sprayed with chemicals. Consequently, the company does not use “poisoned” vegetable and plant oils. Moreover, they don’t add nitrates to guarantee the best harvest.

Second, milked animals don’t take medicines. Farmers have enough goats and cows, so they can wait till animals recover completely or get rid of parasites. Moreover, animals take the required vitamins after medication to provide healthy milk.

Third, genetically modified organisms contain hormones that change a baby’s organism negatively. European brands never use GMOs and hormones to let babies grow healthily.

  1. The variety of EU organic formulas impresses

An organic formula is rich in nutrients, but that is not all. The market offers special formulas to meet the needs of every baby. Not all babies are the same. Some newborns perfectly tolerate all types of baby formulas, but most infants have colitis, belly cramps, indigestion, allergies, and other health issues when consuming the wrong baby formula. 

The European market offers the following baby formulas:

  • hypoallergenic for babies who don’t tolerate whole cow milk proteins and chemicals found in most conventional formulas
  • anti-reflux for babies who suffer from frequent regurgitation that irritates the gastrointestinal tract of a baby and causes abnormal spit-ups and heartburn
  • comfort formulas for sensitive tummies that suffer from bloating and colitis
  • classic for a baby that doesn’t have any health issues but deserves the best-quality daily meals

The European market offers organic formulas that can be also classified according to two types of milk – cow and goat milk. Cow milk is traditional and contains all the required nutrients. Goat milk contains more calories, protein, fat, and calcium than cow’s milk. On the contrary, cow’s milk has more lactose and carbs that can negatively affect a baby’s vulnerable tummy. 

Goat milk formula usually meets the demands of babies with sensitive tummies who cannot digest too much lactose and suffer from indigestion because of that. That is why most parents order EU organic baby formulas based on goat milk, especially for allergic babies. 

  1. Positive experience shared by parents

Thousands of parents share their positive experiences connected with organic baby formulas. One can find positive feedback on different websites about such popular brands as HiPP, Löwenzahn, Lebenswert, Kendamil, Holle, BebeM, NannyCare, and others. They make healthy baby formulas where more than 95% of the ingredients are natural. Beneficial comments from parents make EU organic formulas popular among American caregivers.

Is There Any Organization That Controls the Production of Organic Baby Formulas?

The EFSA, or the European Food Safety Authority, is an organization that controls the production of organic baby formulas. It assigns a list of must-have ingredients and the demanded amount of each component. Moreover, brands create formulas for the specific demands of sensitive babies and regulate the amount of ingredients depending on the infant’s needs.

All European brands have a team of experts who conduct research to learn facts about a baby’s organism and demands at a concrete age. You can find different stages of one baby formula type from European brands. Traditionally, there are the following stages:

  • 0, 1, or PRE stage (from the first days to six months)
  • stage 2 (from six months to one year)
  • stage 3 (from one year to two years)

Each stage contains the required number of nutrients, assigned by qualified pediatricians, scientists, laboratory experts, and vets. The team introduces the results of personal investigations to each other and discusses their considerations concerning the quality and quantity of ingredients that a baby formula must have. Afterward, professionals introduce samples of the created formulas to the EFSA to get permission to sell their goods in the baby food market. 


European organic baby formulas are popular among parents thanks to the safety of the ingredients they contain. Each pack is rich in nutrients a baby needs to thrive, including vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, and proteins. Some contain probiotics and oligosaccharides found in breast milk that make them easier to digest. Due to that, babies absorb the required nutrients without adverse effects. All these facts and positive feedback from parents make organic baby formula choice #1 among more and more parents. 

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