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Facebook Will Start Notifying You If The government Is Spying Your Account

facebook tell you that government

The social network giant made an announcement that it will begin sending banner notification soon to anyone whose account may have been furtively investigated by the government or if facebook suspects someone who tries to hack into. Check also: Now you can be able to know who unfriends you on Facebook Facebook accounts are well known for being hacked either ...

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3 Kenyan Students From University Of Nairobi built solar motorcycles

Kenyan Students

This is good innovation from these three Kenyan Students, from University of Nairobi, James Ogola, Charles Ogingo and Robert Achoge, all these three final year students have managed to build a system called Ecotran,  which captures energy from the sun and stores it in batteries, thereafter charges the motorcycle motor. Check also: Meet 35 year old Ethiopian man who built his ...

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Dell Has Acquired EMC for $67 billion


Dell has has bought EMC for $67 billion or $33.15 per share making it the largest technology deal in history so far, EMC is a company that provides datacenter storage for big companies ,now it has been acquired, it is an interesting deal with huge amount of money. Check also: German Media Giant, Axel Springer Spends $442 M To Buy Business ...

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Meet The 35 Year Old Ethiopian Man Who Built His Own Aircraft From His Home

Ethiopian man

When this Ethiopian man, Asmelash Zeferu was still a young boy, he had a dream that one day he will be a pilot, and as he grew up he still had the same dream and not only to be a pilot but also to build his own Air craft, Zeferu admired the Wright brothers who made the first plane. Check also: The ...

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Microsoft Unveils Its Latest Windows Phones, The Lumia 950 And Lumia 950 XL


Microsoft unveiled its latest phones at its press event in New York today, the company showed its new flagship phones the Lumia 950 XL model with 5.7-inch display and Lumia 950 which will also come in 5.2- inch display. Check also: Microsoft Office 2016 Is Out, Added Lots Of New Features Microsoft wants to modernize windows so that you can be ...

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