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Omara Atubo warns NRM MP'S
Omara Atubo (R) with Dr Besigye

You Will Die First When Museveni Collapses- Ex Minister Of Lands Atubo Warns NRM MP’S

Omara Atubo, former Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, recently told mourners that the limitations in the constitution is like a brake just like in vehicles which has brakes.

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The Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] stalwart hosted former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, at his home in Ngetta, Lira district.

Besides condoling with the veteran politician for the loss of his son Innocent, they also talked about politics and how to mobilise grassroots support to end President Museveni’s reign.

Atubo expressed strong views against age limit saying “Uganda is now a vehicle moving without brakes. It will definitely crash.”

Atubo gifted Besigye with his latest book:” Calming The Storm: A Record of Struggle for Justice, Peace and Democracy”.

He said term limit was the hand brake but this was removed by Museveni and the vehicles are moving without hand brakes.

Atubo stated that Museveni now wants to remove the foot brake and the vehicle will now have no brakes and the first people to die will be the NRM MPs because they are sitting in the front seat.

“Innocent you are lucky because you have gone early,” he jokingly said of his departed son.

Speaking at the burial, George Okello Ayo who represented the chairperson of Lira district, warned the legislators in attendance not to touch the two articles in the Constitution they intend to amend.

Source: Edge

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