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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds

Avocado Seeds

I think we are all convinced of the super-powers of adding avocado to your daily diet. Often the avocado seeds are tossed into the bin or compost pile, or sprouted to create an avocado tree. What most people don’t know is that the avocado seeds are edible as well and even more nutritious than the flesh. Check also: 4 major ...

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WhatsApp Has Reached A Tech Milestone Of 1 Billion Users


Its good news that WhatsApp has now reached a tech milestone of I billion active users today, the mobile messaging app has more than doubled its user base ever since it was acquired by Facebook. Check also: WhatsApp WhatsApp Hits 900Million Monthly Users Today Whatsapp was acquired by facebook two years ago at a cost of $19 billion. And by ...

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Hundreds Of Muslim Leaders & Pastors Worldwide Meet Up To Sign Peace & Protection Deal For The First Time Ever

muslim leaders

This week, hundreds of Muslim and evangelical leaders gathered together in Morocco to make a declaration of religious freedom for all focusing on protecting minorities in Muslim countries. Check also: Kenyan muslims protected their fellow christian passengers from islamist gunmen by refusing to be separated It began when Bob Roberts, pastor of Northwood Church in Texas, hosted the Spreading the ...

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