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Spice Diana Reveals The Reason Why She Doesn’t Fast

Jenkins Mukasa To Spice Diana - Stop Living In Denial And Be Humble 

Musician Namukwaya Hajarah aka Spice Diana has revealed the reason why she doesn’t fast. The singer is a renowned Muslim lady and since it’s Ramadan, almost all Muslims are fasting. However, she said that she doesn’t fast because she’s got ulcers. She’s even on medication. When she tries to fast, she usually gets dizzy at about 4pm. And as the ...

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Juliana Kanyomozi Emotionally Narrates How She Suddenly Lost Her Brother Eddie

Juliana Kanyomozi Emotionally Narrates How She Suddenly Lost Her Brother Eddie

Legendary singer Juliana Kanyomozi has emotionally narrated how she suddenly lost her brother Prince Edward Freeman Kim. She said she spent the last hours of his life with him and he died in her lap while in one of her cars. Juliana announced the death of her brother in January this year. She didn’t talk about what led to his ...

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Precious Remmie Asks Ladies To Stop Giving Birth To Children They Can’t Take Care Of

Precious Remmie Enraged By Fans Asking Her To Hide The Pregnancy

Media personality Precious Remmie has asked ladies to stop giving birth to children they are unable look after. She said that having children is one of the best things a human being experiences but making them suffer is not what one should do. It should be noted that the TV host was a single mother to one child that she ...

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Beenie Gunter Finally Reveals Who Exactly Helped Him From Dubai Prison

Beenie Gunter Finally Released From Abu Dhabi Prison

Dancehall musician Beenie Gunter has finally opened up on who helped him get out of prison in the United Arab Emirates. It should be noted that the singer was arrested a couple of months ago at the airport as he was flying back to Uganda. The Tubayo singer that it all started after he tried to de-escalate a fight between ...

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MC Kats Unmoved By People Who Stigmatise Ladies Around Him Due To His HIV Status

MC Kats Feels Stressed On What He Did On Fille's Stage

Media personality Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats is unmoved by people who stigmatise ladies around him.  He said they all know his HIV status, so there is no need to constantly remind them that the person they are with is HIV positive. The TV show host publicly revealed his HIV status in 2020. It was a surprise to ...

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