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Chris Banina Reveals He Will Not Resort To Theft To Impress Girls

Chris Banina Reveals He Will Not Resort To Theft To Impress Girls

Up and about singer Chris Banina has revealed that he will not resort to theft in order to impress girls. He said he would want a girl to love him for who he is not what he is offering to her in the relationship. The singer said a lot of men have suffered and have got themselves in danger just ...

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Every Man Under The Sun Cheats – Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja Scared Over Sharp Shooters Who Want Him Dead

Singer Ronald Mayinja has claimed that every man under the sun cheats. And the only one who doesn’t is that one who hasn’t yet been nabbed red-handed. During a podcast, the Doreen singer said that women first and foremost are flowers. Their primary role is to make men happy and this dates back to the Bible. Apparently, Adam was living a ...

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Fik Gaza Survives Nasty Accident

Fik Gaza Reveals Why He Is Always At NUP Headquarters

Fast-rising singer Fik Gaza and his crew have survived a very nasty accident in the wee hours of this morning. The Banana singer’s car was seen all looking wrecked up and in total damage. Onlookers say that another car came and blocked him which prompted him to swerve off the road thus crashing. The little boy he usually moves around ...

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Ray G Reveals His Dream Was To Become President Of Uganda

Singer Ray G is not yet done with Kampala musicians who he claims consider themselves as ‘powerful’ when it comes to stage. He said they are so much

Musician Ray G has revealed that his dream was to become the president of Uganda as he was growing up. However, he ended up becoming a singer because that was his talent and passion while still in school. Ray G is a Western Uganda-based musician. His song with Spice Diana omusheshe opened up doors for him in 2019 to expand ...

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Gospel Musician Exodus Dispels Rumors Of Being Drunkard

Singer Exodus In A War With Red Pepper Reporters

Gospel musician Exodus has dispelled rumors that he’s a drunkard. The singer has a history of drug abuse but it’s something that he’s always overcome, relapsed, and healed from. However, rumors still have always lingered around that he’s an alcoholic. Asked about this, the singer said that’s an interpretation of people out there who don’t know him but he’s clean. ...

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