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Ugandan Government To Take 400 Cancer Patients To Kenya For Treatment

government to treat cancer

Following the breakdown of the country’s sole radiotherapy machine at Mulago National Referral Hospital, Government has selected 400 patients to be taken to Kenya for treatment. The Ministry of Health this week entered a deal with Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi to offer radiotherapy services to the selected patients. Check also: Bobi wine sent a message to the government about ...

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Bobi Wine sent a message to Gov’t about Cancer Machine

bobi wine

Self proclaimed ‘Ghetto’ President,singer Bobi Wine has finally come out and aired his concern about the Cancer Machine that broke down last week at Mulago. Check also: Cancer patients in Uganda to wait for 2 years THE CANCER PROBLEM! I have lost many personal friends to cancer, and I am aware that the only radiotherapy machine in Uganda has broken ...

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Cancer patients in uganda to wait for 2 years


About 2,000 cancer patients in need of radiotherapy treatment in Uganda will have to wait for about two years to receive relief from unbearable pain following a breakdown of an old Cobalt 60 radiotherapy machine last month. Check also:Cervical Cancer: There’s life after cancer The breakdown of the machine has caused national and international public outcry and has attracted widespread ...

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There’s life after cancer – Don’t Lose Hope

Raynolda Makhutle cervical cancer victim

The 58-year-old Reynolda Makhutle from South Africa only got to know that she had cervical cancer when the killer disease had already reached the advanced stage 3,  If she had known before, there could be a difference in her life, according to vukuzenzele Check also: 4 major causes of cancer Raynolda’s brief experience about cervical cancer! ‘When I was told ...

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Giant Rats to detect TB in African prisons

one of the Giant rats that are to detect TB

Giant rats are one of the unfriendly animals to humans most especially in Africa, rats and human don’t have strings attached to each other due to the few factors like rats destroying their clothes and this factor has created enmity between the two mammals. Check also: Marijuana kills cancer cells What are Giant rats? Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents ...

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