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VIDEO: Donald Trump Warns American People To Prepare For Next Painful 2 Weeks

Donald Trump about immigrants, american people

As the coronavirus continue to confuse the world, American people are now among those that are badly hit by the deadly virus which started in China late last year. Emergency field hospitals were organized at the home of US Open tennis tournament and New York’s Central Park as more Americans totaling to 4,000 have died from the COVID-19. This simply ...

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Voodoo Markets In West Africa Are Potential Hubs For Zoonotic Diseases

voodoo markets in west africa

Late last year, China reported cases of COVID – 19, a disease that has now crossed borders to spread worldwide. It is believed to have been transmitted from animals to humans in a wildlife wet market in Wuhan. Since the first case broke out, many countries have come under scrutiny for their wildlife trade industries. Let’s head over to the ...

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Uganda Confirms 3 More Cases For Corona Virus, Makes A Total Of 33

ministry of health Uganda Confirms 3 More Cases For Corona Virus / covid -19 or coronavirus death

The latest about the Covid-19 situation in our country Uganda is that on (Sunday), 206 individuals, mainly returnees from the Gulf and Europe, were tested and only 3 tested positive. All these have been in institutional quarantine. Two of these are wife and daughter of the man from Masaka who was among the first nine confirmed cases. On his return ...

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President Museveni Has Some Good News In As Far As Fighting Corona Virus Is Concerned

schools reopen -government through president Museveni Orders Those Sneezing Should To Keep Away From Public bse corona virus / national prayers

To the Countrymen, Countrywomen and Bazukulu. President Museveni would like to thank all of you for embracing the measures they announced to control the Corona Virus. Although it is too early to accurately determine whether we are defeating the virus or not, the president has some good news in as far as fighting is concerned. The good news is that ...

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Aspiring Kampala Woman MP Nambi Faridah In Corona Virus Relief

hajjati nambi faridah

In a bid to provide basic needs to ghetto people around Kampala during this corona pandemic, aspiring Kampala Woman Member of Parliament, Hajjati Nambi Faridah in partnership with ghetto slum leaders are set to provide free food, sanitizers and washing soap as corona prevention measures continues. According to Nambi Faridah this ghetto initiative will be spearheaded by her Nongovernmental organization ...

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