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Here’s Why Black Americans Stay Poor

black Americans

Over the past few decades, black Americans have gained on whites in a lot of areas, including education, two-parent families and employment. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to have helped them erase what may be the most important disparity: wealth. Check also: Top 10 Richest Americans – 2016, According To Forbes A Bloomberg colleague Peter Coy reported last week on a study exploring the idea that racial ...

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13 Silly Things Every Couple Should Do

silly things boyfriends say

Relationships are hard work but more often than not, all you need to stay happy with someone is look at their pretty little face and pass them your goofiest smile. Here are 13 silly little things every couple should do to keep their love light and breezy! Check also: 25 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand 1). Make impromptu plans Decide ...

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Always Bring These 5 Things To A Job Interview

Job interview

When you have the job interview jitters, it can be hard to remember everything you need to do. You have a million things on your mind, including directions to get to the interviewer’s office, your main talking points, and some topics on hand for pre-interview chit-chat. One way to keep the most important things top of mind is to make a checklist ...

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