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What Building A Company Means!

what Building a company means

Building a company seems a very simple term but that is what most people who want to become successful entrepreneurs must ask themselves. More often the question that people ask me is, I want to start a business, where and how should I start. That’s the fundamental aspect that one needs to understand first. What does the term Building a ...

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Why It’s Important To Understand Your Profit Margin In Business

Why It's Important To Understand Your profit Margin In Business

This is my definition of profit, is a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something. “Record pre-tax profits” Today I want to talk about running capital. For every business to be successful, there is running capital that is involved in day to day running of the business. This ...

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Meet Barnabas Marambire Former Herdboy Who Now Owns Company Hiring Over 200 People

Meet Barnabas Marambire Former Herdboy Who Now Owns Company Hiring Over 200 People

Being an orphan in Africa, growing up as a neglected child after losing his parents, This young Zimbabwean entrepreneur known as Barnabas Marambire had a very difficult upbringing. He went through some terrible struggles that I can say it was beyond what a 13 year old child could bear. The good part is he never gave up. His faith in ...

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A Guide To Sell Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records now on sell

The vinyl record is back in trend, and the market is hot right now. So it is a good time to sell if one is interested in making money. A few years back, vinyl collecting was considered a favorite hobby, and people enjoyed it most, and then things have changed. We entered in the age of streaming services and digital ...

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Why Museveni Allowed Shopping Malls To Re-open And Left Arcades Closed

shopping malls allowed to reopen

President Musveni yesterday evening guided Ugandans on the way forward in fighting against Coronavirus, but it seems measures are still tight according to what Ugandans expected. But at some point, people with businesses in shopping malls must be excited compared to those in Arcades who were told to remain closed for now. Museveni added more guidelines though Ugandans thought that ...

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