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Development Channel Boosts Uganda’s Movie Industry

development channel

Uganda’s movie industry still lags behind despite the number of local talent in Uganda. Despite all this great talent in the movie industry, there is lack of audience and investment to the film industry in the country unlike developed countries like the United States of America. It is because of this that Development Channel decided to boost the movie industry ...

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Capital Markets Authority Of Uganda Blocked the Publication Of This Article In New Vision Even With paid funds Returned!


As promised, we have continued the mission to FOSTER the legacy of President Yoweri Museveni through tangible deeds and actions that make actual impact in the lives of ordinary Ugandans and Africans at large. The legacy of freedom and security creating enabling environment for private sector to thrive and make the difference. A legacy we believe is the position of ...

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Traders Worried Their Businesses Might Close Due To Power Tariffs Increment


Traders in Uganda are afraid they might be forced to close their businesses following the newly introduced power tariffs of fifty shillings. Check also: Members Of Indian Business Community Threaten To Boycott Modi’s Visit To Uganda Commercial users have been previously paying 647 shillings per unit, now they will be buying each unit at 687 shillings, the domestic users will start ...

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Museveni Ordered Telecom Companies To Reimburse 1% Mobile Money To Owners

Museveni ordered Telecom companies

His Excellence the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ordered the Communication companies in general, to refund back the 1% percent mobile money tax that was paid by Ugandans. Check also: Museveni Sends A Sweet Loving Message To Janet On Her Birthday According to the statement issued yesterday, President Museveni seriously cautioned that the 1% tax should be decelerated to 0.5%. ...

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Airtel Airtime Scratch Cards Prices Increase

Airtel Airtime Scratch Cards Prices Increase

Taxes are increasing each-day that goes by on different issues and now here comes a scenario when the Airtel Airtime scratch cards were increased to 10% in terms of payment to users. Put aside the social media tax and Mobile money tax  transaction tax that annoyed almost each and everyone most especially the youth who use these offers like social media. ...

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