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Parliament Should Unite And Tell President And His Wife They Don’t Own Uganda, Kabuleeta

Kabuleeta To Parliament; Tell The President And His Wife They Don't Own..

Former Presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleeta has urged Parliament to unite and come together as one body. He said this regarding the ongoing situation with the first lady who asked to meet parliamentarians. Kabuleeta advised the legislators to stand together and tell the president he doesn’t own this country. “I wish for once; the Parliament would be united and tell the ...

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Deputy Speaker Anita Among In Madrid For IPU Conference

Deputy Speaker Anita Among in Madrid for IPU Conference

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among is in Spain’s capital Madrid to attend the 142nd Inter-Parliamentary Union conference. IPU is a global organization of national parliaments. Among held a bilateral meeting with the president and executive committee of the IPU on the sidelines of the conference. The meeting aimed at establishing the role the Ugandan Parliament can play in ...

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If We Don’t Plant Trees Now, We Shall Not Have Any In Few Years – Experts Warn

Trees: If We Don't Plant Trees Now, We Shall Not Have Any In A Few Years

Experts have warned the public about cutting down trees in the country. Under the body , Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), experts said by 2050 if there is no significant intervention, the country will not have a single forest in a few decades. In 2014 ministry of Energy and Mineral Development released a report on energy consumption in the country. Apparently, ...

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Gov’t Pressured To Exhume Remains Of Migrant Worker Illegally Buried In Saudi Arabia

Gov’t Pressured To Exhume Remains of Migrant Worker Illegally Buried In Saudi Arabia

An NGO, Migrant Workers Voice that assists migrant workers including whose rights have been violated at work sent a petition to the government of Uganda. The petition intends to put pressure on the Ugandan government to have them exhume the remains of a migrant worker who died and was buried illegally in Saudi Arabia. Shadia Najjuko, 31, died in June ...

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Civic Space Is Shrinking, Reforms Are Needed – Mathias Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga; Civic Space Is Shrinking, Reforms Are Needed

The leader Of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga has expressed concern over shrinking civic space. Mathias Mpuuga emphasized the need to amend the Electoral Commissions Act to redefine the role of both police and army in an election. Mpuuga made comments about Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in a democratic government. According to him, CSOs are a channel through which citizens ...

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