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7.0 Earthquake Struck Alaska, Anchorage, Cracking Roads And Shaking Buildings

7.0 earthquake

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck just north of Anchorage, Alaska, shaking buildings, cracking roads and pausing air traffic into the state’s busiest airport. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, at least 277,000 people felt “strong” shaking from this 7.0 earthquake. Check also: El Nino Rains Accompanied By Disasters Expected To Hit Uganda Officials from the National Weather Service also issued a tsunami warning only ...

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A Woman Tempted To Kill A Man Who Complained When She “Gassed Loudly”

woman tempted kill man

Drama but shocking news arisen when Dania Beach woman attempted to kill a man who complained when she loudly gassed right next to him. Check also: Girl Who Was Defiled Commits Suicide, Boyfriend Still In Police Custody This woman was put behind bars and charged with aggravated murder assault. After farting loudly in public, this woman made many people round insecure with her ...

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Policeman Shoots Wife And Her Brother Dead In Divorce Courtroom

policeman shoots wife and brother

On Monday, a policeman who was not on duty at that time opened fire in a divorce courtroom in South Africa, killing his wife ( whom she was no longer staying with ) and her brother during a break in a process settling a dispute in court. Check also: Ugandan Alfred Olango shoot by US police in San Diego, USA The ...

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Russia Opens New Battlefield Against Ukraine In Azov Sea

Russia and Ukraine

A Russian coast guard vessel rammed a Ukrainian tugboat in the Sea of Azov yesterday, setting off a series of increasingly dangerous escalations. Russia blocked the Kerch Strait — the narrow passageway connecting the Sea of Azov to the much larger Black Sea — and detained three Ukrainian vessels and 23 sailors. Ukraine’s government is now considering an imposition of ...

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Over 84,000 Children Reportedly Died Of Hunger And Disease In Yemen

yemen starving children

Approximately 85,000 children in Yemen under the age of five reportedly died of hunger and disease since the sudden occurrence of the Country’s civil war in 2015, according to the leading international aid group. Check also: Why Nigerians And Other Non Citizens Are Being Killed In South Africa The United Nations says  over 1.3 million children have experienced SAM since Yemen’s ...

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