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Meet Ugandan Woman Brenda Mukisa Who Generously Supports Different Orphanages, Feeds Homeless

Meet Ugandan Woman Brenda Mukisa Who Generously Supports Different Orphanages, Feeds Homeless

A hand that helps they say is a blessed hand, how true is this? Well, those who are familiar with charity organizations can agree. The world is experiencing a complicated form of humanitarian crisis and it is up to governments to step in to help out. However, governments alone can not sufficiently reach out to those who are in urgent need of help. This is where charity organizations come in, in most cases they help facilitate activities.

Families are no longer able to meet their daily demands of basic needs. They can no longer run their affairs smoothly, some have broken up while others are at the verge of it. Can we blame this on the Covid-19 pandemic? Yes and no! Yes, because this pandemic has brought a lot of socio-economic problems, and because most of these problems existed way before the pandemic was even thought about.

With all these issues happening across the world, people need all the help they can get. Now, there are thousands if not millions of people that are extending charity services to their communities. Still this doesn’t seem to be enough, the charity world needs all the hands they can get. That is why Brenda Mukisa decided to add her helping hand to the struggle in her local communities of Kampala Uganda. She established her charity organization(Brenda’s Helping Hands) for the sole-purpose of helping her community.

She has been working with local orphanages, foster homes, and has run dozens of community outreach services across the country since 2009. As of today, she has dedicated herself to improving the lives of more than 500 children between 1 year and 18 years of age, single mothers, vulnerable senior citizens in local communities among others.

Meet Ugandan Woman Brenda Mukisa Who Generously Supports Different Orphanages, Feeds Homeless

She provides support inform of shelter, food, healthcare and partial education to a selected a few beneficiaries. This includes; residents of Bwaise, Kosovo, Makindye, Acholi quarters Kireka, Bwaise, and Bududa etcetera.

Her aim is to provide education, training and rehabilitation in academic and practical discipline, as well as nutritional food packages to children, needy families, and other vulnerable groups of people to ensure good health for the children, beneficiaries and the various communities.

The Shelter provision program

Her organization rescued a few families from the ghettos of Kampala, the natural disaster-displaced families of Bududa and resettled them in rented apartments/homes so the children can live with their families. Unfortunately, maintaining this setting is costly and has made it difficult for the organization to run smoothly.

In the long run however, the organization looks to construct their own orphanage and find foster homes in various communities so they can resettle some of the children under their care. They have had the support of other well-wishers through their community outreach programs.

The organization currently has a plan of renting more better homes for the children and families currently living in unhygienic, congested and severely polluted ghettos.

Brenda Mukisa has a long-term plan of buying land in which the organization can construct shelters for the less privileged. She says renting is extremely costly. The advantage of having land are enormous, they include rearing farm animals like chicken, cows, among others etc.

On the subject of FEEDING

Meet Ugandan Woman Brenda Mukisa Who Generously Supports Different Orphanages, Feeds Homeless

Brenda Mukisa says the children are fed in their rented homes, orphanages/foster homes. Her organization also organizes community food outreaches and food distribution programs. She stresses that continuously being able to provide regular and nutritious meals is a big challenge, as it is costly to provide for kids and their families.


Providing nutritional supplements, medications, and general treatment is very expensive and difficult. But at the same time the most important challenge that they face is, a lot of children require additional vitamins or other food supplements and medication. This is because the majority of their beneficiaries are sicklers and getting Medicare for them is difficult and expensive. To ensure the health of the children, we need to have better access to healthcare.

On the subject of EDUCATION

In the orphanages, foster homes, communities and schools, teenagers can learn some basic skills for survival. This includes skin care techniques provided by Brenda Beauty World. Right now, she is looking forward to raising awareness and some funding for urgent issues, especially related to Feeding, Shelter, Healthcare and Education. This is why she set a goal of 100,000€.

In the long term, her aim is to build a full hostel, established apartments or homes for the beneficiaries in order to ensure the long-term survival of the orphans, less privileged, street children and the homeless single mothers and the elderly. She has consulted construction firms and estimated the full cost of such a project at around $592,000 as the starting phase into the project construction. With that amount, she is sure the organization will start housing them.

Therefore, if you are looking to support her organization in one way or another, such as voluntary work or providing non-monetary aid, you can reach out by donating through her GofundMe page here or you can also reach out to her through her contacts below or the organization’s Facebook page.

For this campaign, she is currently using her meagre resources as a small scale commercial farmer to support all the above initiatives and a number of volunteers who supports in identifying the needy.

Brenda Mukisa Mugagga (Executive Director)

Brenda’s Helping Hands

Website:  www.brendashelpinghands.org
Email:  [email protected]
Tel:  +256 779 001 719

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