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off road shocks for lifted truck

Off Road Shocks For Lifted Trucks: How to Choose!

Shocks for lifted trucks are an essential part of the ride, especially if you spend your free weekend driving off the beaten paths or ploughing through mud holes out on the trail. With malfunctioning shocks, those excursions would be far less enjoyable or even ruined. When you’re stuck in the middle of a trail with a defective shock, you’d regret not checking on it prior to your excursion. Before you start your adventurous drive, be sure to get your aftermarket shocks from 4 Wheel Parts for a smoother drive.

Why Are Shock Absorbers So Important For Your Truck

Shock absorbers control the up-and-down movement in a suspension system.  Shocks convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. Shock absorber is also referred to as “dampers” because they dampen the energy of the spring. By creating resistance to up and down motion, the dampers turn motion energy into heat, and then dissipate the heat to the atmosphere.

Shocks fulfill two important roles in trucks and other vehicles:

  1. They help manage the impact and rebound movement of the vehicle’s springs and suspension. They make the ride more comfortable for driver and passenger.
  2. They improve vehicle handling and safety by maintaining solid contact between the tires’ bottom surface and the ground surface. A vehicle that loses its only point of contact with the ground becomes harder to control or stop.

Without a good shock absorber as part of your suspension system, two undesirable things could occur:

  1. when a tire strikes an obstacle, the springs alone would react to the impact, sending the vehicle’s suspension into an undesirable undulation resulting in a loss of control as the body and axles moved out of synch with each other.
  2. the suspension would move up and down until friction returns the vehicle to static ride height.

How To Choose The Right Off-Road Shocks For Your Lifted Truck

When you find and install the right shock, your truck will feel transformed. The perfect shock and suspension lifts will allow your truck to fly smoothly down the freeway. When you’re at your off-road destination, that same shock and lift will accommodate your every whim.  After all the dirt stunts, that same perfect shock will guide you smoothly home. The perfect shock will absorb landings, small and tall.

At 4WheelParts.com, you can choose the right off-road shocks for your truck.  There’s a tool on the left side bar that you can key in the year, make, model, sub model, brand, shock series, shock type, price, etc. of your truck and a selection of shock absorbers will show up after you’ve keyed in the details.   4WheelParts.com will be able to help you with the aftermarket’s best shocks for lifted trucks. Even if their inventory doesn’t have what you need, they will be able to find it for you. Just dial their toll free number to chat with their sales and support staff. Alternatively, just key in truck parts near me on your computer or phone for a list of shops that carry the parts that you need for your truck.

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