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5 Conversations You Should Have With Your Boyfriend

boyfriend conversations with u

You may be very close to your boyfriend and this might be the best thing that has happened to you but still, you might be hesitant about having some important conversations with him. This year, aim to change that. Check also: 11 Thoughts A Girl Thinks Before She Decides To Make A Move On A Man She Loves Here are 5 conversations you should have ...

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Winnie Nwagi Breaks Up with Boy friend

One of the best female Ugandan artiste singer Winnie Nwagi known for her hits “musawo, Embela and many more” broke up with her boyfriend. check also:I have Been There For the Ill Danz Kumapeesa Winnie Nwagi replies to Critics The star singer is said to have quit the relationship with her boyfriend accusing him of several mis treatments like beating ...

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7 Amusing Things TO Do When Your Boyfriend Asks For Space

things to do when your boyfriend asks for space

There is something I need to confess. I do not understand when people say things like ‘I need space from my girlfriend/ boyfriend. I mean, let’s just be honest and accept that we’re all clingy. Check also: 10 Things your Girlfriend Tells You And What They Literally Mean What’s different is the degree of clinginess! No matter how much we deny ...

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11 Reasons Why Girls Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Say No

Girl fear to say No

As Girls, this translates into an inability to say no to things that we don’t want to do or that go against our belief system. It’s high time we changed that. It’s high time we learnt the value of saying ‘NO’. Check also: 10 Things Shy Girls Normally Say And What They Actually Mean 1. Owner of your life You are ...

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11 Signs That Show You’re Both Not Ready For A Baby

Baby: Signs that show you're not ready to have a baby

Having  a baby is always God’s favor and a true blessing but the problem comes when the couple has to decide as to when  is the right time to have a baby Check also:  I Want To Be A Dad Of Seven Children-Cristiano Reveals The following are the signs to show that you’re not ready to have a child 1. ...

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