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Lions Need To Be Protected To Avert Extinction

Lions need to be protected to avert extinction

As the world marks World Lions Day today, World Animal Protection warns that the King of the Jungle may soon be extinct if urgent measures are not taken. Edith Kabesiime, Campaigns Manger at World Animal Protection says, “African lions are facing human and nature induced threats hence the need to prioritize their protection. We have witnessed the population of lions in Africa declined ...

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World Animal Protection Responds To Reports Of Hundreds Of Elephants Dying In Botswana

WAP Responds To Reports Of Hundreds Of Elephants Dying In Botswana

A few days ago Botswana announced the death of hundreds of elephants in it’s reservation under unclear circumstances. Most of the death took place near Seronga Village on the northern edges of Okavango Delta, a huge swampy region which receives a huge wildlife populations. Edith Kabesiime, Wildlife Campaign Manager, World Animal Protection Africa, said: “The unexplained and catastrophic death of ...

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Demand For Lions And Tiger Bones In Asia Fuels Unlawful Killing And Poaching Of Big Cats In Africa

High demand of lions and tiger bones for medicine in the Asian markets is fueling suffering and killing of lions across Africa. A research by World Animal Protection reveals that lions and tigers of all shapes and sizes around the world are being both poached from the wild. This is for their body parts and bones which are used in products ...

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Dog Owners Do Not Have Basic Knowledge On How To Take Care Of Their Dogs – Survey Reveals

pitbull dog, dog owners

85% of dog owners do not know how to provide basic care for their dogs.  Many are not aware of how to feed their dogs or provide basic housing and veterinary needs.  In addition, majority do not know the importance of sterilization and how to deal with dog attacks. A survey by World Animal Protection reveals. According to the report, ...

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Thousands Of Animals In Desperate Need Of Aid In Aftermath Of Cyclone Idai

animals in cyclone idai

World Animal Protection’s disaster is in Malawi and Mozambique providing urgent care to up to 200,000 animals that have been affected by the floods that have devastated Southern Africa. One team has arrived in Chimoio, close to Beira, one of the worst affected disaster zones. They are equipped with veterinary kits, including antibiotics, pain killers and hoof rot medicines to ...

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