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Women are increasingly mistreating Men in Uganda, according to research

Domestic violence, being a hostile behavior within a home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner has increased especially practiced by women harassing their own men in their domicile, according to research.

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Women being quiet and weaker creatures by nature, Men can’t think that they can act violently, but some men believe that for a woman to reach a level of acting violently, and physically attack their men, there has to be something really unpleasant and utmost that is behind her actions. May be she has endured too much and finally she feels it’s time to fight back.

Some women say that domestic abuse is wrong regardless of what gender the victim is.

Women are in most cases unable to cause severe damage on men because of their nature but still they can be violent as well, however that male victims of domestic violence don’t come out to report such cases, to the authorities like women do.

Men have opted out of marriage because of abusive women, for example, a lady can find her husband cheating, and decides to psychological torture as a way of paying him back, she will stop cooking for the man, she will always came back at home in the middle of the night, she moves to the bedroom, and stops talking to the man. When the man tries to approach her for forgiveness, she throws a cup of tea at him.

Don’t ask me why do men cheat? According to the research, it’s very clear that domestic violence has been noticed.

Many couples have literally taken a common saying that “ house matters should stay within the home “, and its true couples stay in violent homes silently for years just to fit within the cultural and society standards.

Psychiatrists warn that this trend has kept domestic violence under the wraps until it explodes out in form of homicides, infanticide and suicide, some women abuse their husbands after long periods of being tortured by the same men.

Views from different people:

It’s not common to find men being victims of domestic violence but it happens sometimes. Some women tend to think they are superior to men in all ways and even when they abuse them; men tend to keep the matter to themselves. In my opinion, men should also try to speak out like women once their rights are abused.
Akot Jane ( nurse)

It certainly does happen just that men don’t make a big deal out of it. Women today are totally different and are capable of doing almost anything whether positive or negative. I know most people think that its only women who are violated in homes, but that’s not true, men too suffer silently. Men also need their voices to be heard, just like it’s done for women.
Kemigisha Sofia ( shop keeper )

Men do face domestic violence, though they are not as many as female victims. What makes the whole issue complicated is that men rarely take such matters to the authorities and instead decide to keep them to themselves in fear of the possible embarrassment. This is really dangerous because in the end, it creates a breeding ground for something even more dangerous.
Ddamulira Ashraf ( Teacher )

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