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Apass says God is my president

Apass Apologizes To Bebe Cool After A Bitter Clash

The Two came to a furious misunderstanding that resulted Bebecool To insult Apass .

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Bebe cool posted on his social media account informing the public of how the Ugandan journalists have tarnished the hardworking artists, people that help the country like him

The mariana singer commented on the Post.

Apass commented:

“is the respect not earned yet?.”

Bebe cool replied:

“Depends on the size of your brain as Apass.”

Somehow somewhere Bebecool lost his cool and insulted the also called Teacher (Apass).

Despite of the boils that had started, Apass acted mature and posted on his facebook account that he was sorry if bebe cool had mis understood him.

Apass posted: “Why would one say this about our own icon and a strong pillar of our music industry, is the respect not earned yet !!!! This kind of negative vibe has to stop guys. #MyView 
Bebe Cool I love and respect you as a brother and as a mentor, But i think you misunderstood me so let me explain. To your comment in regards to your post, I was only there to support I took time to read your post and I offered my support as a fellow artist, I didn’t diss you. My sincere apologies 🙏🏾 now it’s your turn to apologize. #OneLove ❤️

As the post  says let’s hope that bebe cool will also do his part of apologizing to Apass as he noted it in his post.

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