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Aine chrisptoher says he has never betrayed my mbabazi
Aine chrisptoher

I Have Never Betrayed Amama Mbabazi- Aine Says

Aine, who was Amama mbabazi’s head of security has dismissed claims that he has never betrayed his former boss Amama moving to serve President Museveni’s brother Caleb Akandwanaho AKA Salim Saleh.

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Anie said: I have never fallen out with Mbabazi, there is more to it than what people see. I and my former boss Amama are still very close because I told him about my decision and he is okay with it. He (Mbabazi)  still gives me guidance where necessary and has told me never to deviate away from important issues that he elaborated during his  2016 campaign.

Aine continued and said:  

“Gen Saleh did not invite me to join the NRM, I simply told him why I had run away and he explained to me that he was a friend to my late father and that he would help me mediate issues with police and government. So I did not betray Mr Mbabazi,”

I blame the opposition specifically for blowing the situation out of proportion, by incensing rumors about my alleged death during the period I had disappeared. He continued

“There is time for everything, I was looking for safe heaven, but it seems some people mostly from the opposition wanted me dead,” Aine.

Mbabazi’s former head of security Aine resurfaced two months after at the home of  Salim Saleh saying  he had returned from his hiding in order to put an end to the circus that had ensued from his disappearance.

Apologizing to those he hurt by his disappearance, including Mr Mbabazi, Mr Aine said he wanted a new life outside security.

His host Saleh said as his “father” he would ensure Aine’s life returns to normal and he would lead negotiations to ensure Aine regains total freedom.

From that moment, all cases against Aine started getting dismissed in courts of law, leaving the public in wonder if Aine had sold his former boss Amama  for freedom.

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