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5 Ways To Use Tea In Your Cooking

5 Ways To Use Tea In Your Cooking

Every person has a different palate. Even so, there is a tea for everyone, be it matcha, tisanes, peppermint, oolong, chamomile, or earl grey.

Australia’s consumption of this beverage has increased dramatically over the years. Meanwhile, a new variation takes the market by storm after every few months, like boba and matcha in the last few years.

While it is most popularly used for drinks, have you ever wondered if your favourite herb could be used in cooking? Yes, it can!

1. Baking

The sweet-bitter notes of matcha can be a perfect complement to sugary and buttery baked goodies. So, try something new with your flavourings, like instead of choosing the traditional vanilla or strawberry, try adding matcha, chai or even floral earl grey.

They can go into cakes, bread, cookies, and brownies. Peppermint brownies? YUM! Just grind your leaves using a mortar and pestle and brew them. Then add the infusion to the wet ingredients.

You do not have to conform to the recipes. Go ahead and try it with the teas you have. You might stumble upon something unique and delicious.

2. Meat Rub

Lapsang Souchong is a smoky variety of this ingredient. This means that it can be a perfect addition to your meat rub. Think about it; after all, it is a herb.

It imparts a distinctive savoury flavour to your usual salt, pepper, garlic, brown sugar mix. You can use it to slow-cook ribs and pork-shoulder or make a quick skirt or flank steak.

Now, take this a step further, and add it to the butter used for marinating grilled fish or seafood. You can even use it on the top as a seasoning, and the results are astoundingly delicious.

3. Pasta!

If you make your pasta dough at home, this one is for you. Ideal for soupy noodles, the addition of these powdered greens to your dough can infuse a delicate herbaceous taste and a pale green colour.

You might not be up for the challenge of making your own pasta, but you can still get that mouth-watering umami flavour. You can boil the pasta in brewed tea instead of water!

However, if you do not want to go the extra mile, try green soba noodles. They are traditional Japanese noodles and usually have a broth charged with an earthy flavour.

4. Dairy Infusions

Dairy products can be a terrific creamy base for delicately flavoured leaves. So, add a new element to your panna cotta, crème Brulee or ice cream with herbal tisanes like rose, lavender or chamomile.

You do not have to stop at desserts. Go all-in with your cream-based sauces too. A sencha, oolong or hōjicha can go incredibly well in a béchamel sauce.

5. Stir-Fry

Add flavour to your seared greens, meats and veggies using Genmaicha. It is an eccentric mix of leaves, puffed rice and corn.

The leaves crisp up when cooked in a wok, and the rice and corn get roasted. A very easy way to top your stir fry with a mouth-watering nutty, toasty mix.

This aromatic beverage making ingredient is an artistic ingredient. It can be a creator’s favourite cooking ingredient with its dynamic and vast range of flavour profiles. From 2737 BC to 2022, it has remained the second most consumed beverage in the world.

You might have picked up some ideas from this article yourself. So, don’t wait; get into your kitchen, dive into your shelves, and start experimenting!

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