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4 Ways To Find Partners That Will Support Your Business

business partners

The key to finding partners is to be constantly looking for ways to deepen relationships with people who make your business a success, according to Strive Masiyiwa.[9] Check also: Top 9 Youngest And Promising Entrepreneurs In East Africa Here are some examples: 1). Partner with customers: Every business has certain customers on which it depends more than others.[2] Always try and ...

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Rio Ferdinand Bravely Admitted He Turned To Alcohol After The Death Of His Wife

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand has bravely opened up about his wife’s tragic death, admitting that he turned to drink to help him cope with the pain of losing Rebecca to breast cancer two years ago. Check also: Rio Ferdinand’s Wife Dies Of Cancer The former England footballer also revealed that he gained a new understanding for suicidal people as he struggled to raise ...

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People Without Valid Birth Certificates Will Not Be Allowed To Get Married In Tanzania

birth certificates

ONLY people with valid birth certificates will be allowed to get married effective May 1, 2017,[9] it was declared here yesterday. Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Harrison Mwakyembe directed the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) to initiate a legal process to ensure that legal marriage is strictly restricted to only citizens with birth documents.[4] Check also: Tanzania Cracks Down Dozens ...

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Top 10 Grammar Mistakes People Usually Make, According To Microsoft

grammer mistakes

Even smart people make stupid mistakes in their writing. Sometimes it’s laziness or impatience; sometimes they’re genuinely confused. Check also: 10 Most Confusing Words In English Language, According To Microsoft Using data from millions of its subscribers, Microsoft recently rounded up a list of the top 10 grammar mistakes in the English language. The data comes from people who use Microsoft Word and/or Outlook, ...

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The Engaging Story Of President Reagan ’s Ugandan Granddaughter

Ronald Reagan

Sometimes a story grabs hold of you and won’t let go. [9]President Reagan ’s valiant fight against Alzheimer’s disease is in that category for me. I wasn’t a fan of Reagan’s policies, but there was something about the man, and the way he played the role of a lifetime. [3]A visitor to his Century City office after he left the ...

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